21 Jul

White Pages Safety

Looking for someone? It may be a total stranger or someone you just met, or it may e a missing family member or friend. Either way, you’ll be able to look for them in pages blanche! What’s White Pages? It’s a directory with all the public records of everyone around the state, where you will be able to track a certain person’s basic information, such as their name and address. Not only will you get to find people, but you will also get to find businesses as well. It’s similar to a phone book, but instead of yellow pages, it’s online and all white!dir_appW

About White Pages

White Pages is one of the best online tools you will be able to use when you’re looking for someone or a certain business. With an extensive list of people and businesses, you’ll be able to find what you are looking for on their website. All it takes is a click of a button for you to be able to find who you are looking for! Whether it’s their full name, their phone numbers, or even their addresses, you’ll find it immediately.image_2f6bd2641d3c34e704feb8a4e5021f72

Safety When Using White Pages

Your safety is important, so there is no need to worry about using White Pages for stalking or spamming purposes. Because you’ll be able to send calls and messages using White pages, they will be monitoring every form of contact. So you won’t have any spam or scam calls from White Pages, as they will be taking care of that. How do they identify spam calls? Here is how they do it:

  1. White Pages has millions of users everyday. They use White Pages to contact people and businesses. Unfortunately, some of these people use White Pages to scam or spam others they find on here.
  2. Users report people who scam or spam them, through the easy contact page.
  3. White Pages keeps track of the list of people who were reported, with them being blocked from contacting you or entering the website.

Using their tracker, you will be able to find YOUR spam score. Your call or message that will be received by the other party will be greatly affected with your spam score. All you need to do is to put in your mobile number to check if your spam score is high or low. Those with high spam scores and contacts people will be shown as spam to those receiving the message or call.

In Conclusion

You will not need to worry about White Pages being a form of spam or scam, as they protect their users from such incidents. With the help of technology, you won’t only be able to find who you are looking for, but you’ll also be safe when being contacted by others using the webpage as well.