15 Oct

Weed: Measurement Cost Quantity And The User

With the consumers of weed on the increase so is the knowledge about weed on the increase. New marijuana users would like to know more about the terms used in this market and about how to use them. With four states legalizing the use of marijuana and with more to follow, this crowd is all set to grow. There are some simple hints to all new marijuana users that they would like to know.

What is Marijuana Eighth in Terms of Grams?

Marijuana dealers are both recreational and medical. They sell marijuana in eights, dimes and dubs. These are marijuana slang terms that consumers and sellers understand. With stringent rules and regulations, these people try to use common words so that the meaning behind these words is not easily understood. Dime and ounce are common words that do not have any significant meaning other than measurements. As marijuana is measured in terms of pound it is broken into 16 ounces. When the ounce is broken up into eight, which is called ‘eighth’ or 1 8 of weed, it comes to 3.5 grams. In the marijuana world, users are easily cheated. So it is best to be clear about marijuana measurements before entering into habit of using it. The measures are easy to calculate but whether you get the right quantity is left to you. You have to go the right seller to see that you get the right stuff.


Cost, Quantity and Quality of Weed

It is a generally found that people buy a gram of good weed. This costs about $20. 1 8 of weed refers to 3.5 grams and it costs $60. You can then calculate the cost of ¼ and ½ ounce from that. It means that ¼ ounce would cost $120 and ½ ounce would cost $240. The cost also varies between states and depends on the quality of the weed. As a first timer, you should know where you stand before dealing with the seller as you may be ripped off, especially if people know that you are new to marijuana. Sometimes the seller may also give more quantity initially, to keep you addicted to the stuff and then lessen the quantity once they find you hooked to it.


There are more interesting facts about marijuana. New comers can learn more on our website when you feel embarrassed to ask others about the various terms and aspects of the weed. 1 8 of weed is a common term that you should know to get more of the stuff and to keep up with the others in the marijuana world. You will be astonished to know the wide circle of people who are involved with weed. It is not only the youngsters but also elders who are hooked up to the weed. However it is a practice that is frowned upon and hence being discreet about the habit is best for new entrants especially when you buy the product from your seller. Be sure about the cost paid and the quantity received so that you do not get duped.

13 Oct

Private Leasing: What Not To Do

A lot of us are used to thinking that prive lease simply involves paying large initially and then paying the rest of the amount on a regular basis. Contrary to what others may think, private leasing is beyond just this one. You have to think critically and work out your best, given that you’re dealing with money matters. There are people who have lost money making leasing deals, and there are some who have discovered later on that they actually are incapable of pursuing the rest of the lease. In order to prevent this from happening, then here are some practical private leasing tips you have to keep in mind:


Paying too largely for Upfront Payment

While paying a large amount upfront would save you money in the long run, it could be a problem should something happen to the car which could render it useless, such as getting wrecked in an accident, or getting stolen. In cases like this, it’s almost impossible for you retrieve some of the money. Also, a part of the upfront payment is allocated for rents in future months, leaving you ending up renting and paying money for nothing should any of these mishaps occur.

Not Assessing One’s Habits in Driving


Some private leasing contracts usually set the cap for mileage, at around 10,000 miles or so. Above this limit, car owners are usually made to pay about 30 cents for each mile that has elapsed. If you’re not going to check on this prior to having the car leased, you would end up shelling out more cash than you’d expect. Ask a raise for the limit if you know that you drive a lot.

Not Maintaining the Car

Just because you’re leasing the car does not mean you don’t maintain it yourself. Lack of proper maintenance would leave you incurring more expenses in the long run.

11 Oct

The Beautiful Phi Phi Island

Holidays are very important part of our lives. That is a moment when we want to rest our brains and go and chill somewhere while wandering in the history and beauty of the spot. Many people have very different ideas of holidays, they like going through new roads while reaching their destination. And when they reach their destination they like to rest most of the time while trying out some new things. One of the perfect holiday spots is the Phi Phi islands; this archipelago is a part of Thailand and was made popular by the Hollywood movie featuring Leonardo di Caprio, The Beach. This island is just a 2 hour boat ride away from Phuket. You can plan a one day best phi phi island tours or can stay there over for the weekend away from all the hustle and bustle of the city life.

There is a lot to do at the island and you will specially enjoy if you are a big water sport fan. The islands host a couple of beautiful spots along with the emerald Andaman Sea and there is a lot of unique wildlife on display too. The lifestyle over there is very chilled and there is no traffic and the main medium of transport is your legs. Everything is within walking distance. As the popularity of the island is increasing so are the amounts of tourists that are visiting every year. This is having a very negative effect on the ecosystem of the island.



Dr. Thon who is a marine biology lecturer has said that if the government doesn’t control the amount of tourists visiting Phi Phi Island then it will affect the natural beauty of the place and the people will drive away the wildlife too. As noticed the corals have already decreased in the water bodies around the island compared to before. There is no way to throw away waste other than to carry it from the island to the mainland and a public company is paid to do so. The fuel from the boats and the water let out by the hotels from the island are affecting the underwater ecosystem. There is no way of treating water on a huge basis on the island and the hotels are supposed to treat their own waste before ejecting them out but most of the business men are selfish and they could easily just turn off the machines any time and only switch it on when the inspector goes to check.


Another thing that is being affected by the mass tourism is the wildlife. Many tourists like taking pictures with rare animals and this leads to poaching as these animals are caught by the poachers ad are brought away from their wildlife which decreases in their number and leads to extinction. Many efforts are being made to stop this and return the caught animals to their wildlife.

So please be a little cautious when you go to visit foreign lands and don’t do anything that will harm the natural habitat. Always act responsibly in the present because in the future it might not be there.

11 Oct

Forget Cash, Now Carry A Credit Card Wherever You Go

There are a number of people who depend on credit cards to shop and travel. If you haven’t already got a credit card for yourself, there are a number of reasons why you need to consider getting one as soon as possible. The benefits to owning a credit card are numerous and all HDFC bank account holders can now apply for a credit card with easy online facilities. If you have already applied for your credit card and you want to know how to track hdfc credit card status, all you need to do is visit their website and follow the instructions for credit card status.

This is a convenient and easy way to check your credit card status, the credit limit you will be provided with and the additional benefits that you get when you shop with your credit card. While people believe shopping with credit cards can create a number of unwanted expenses, the truth is when you use your credit card to pay for something you end up paying back in smaller amounts. This not only helps you to manage your finances in a more effective manner, but it also helps you to buy things that you could initially not afford.


Since credit cards usually allow you to shop with a zero percent interest rate, you do not need to worry about paying more for anything that you buy. You also get added discounts and cash back when you use your credit card to shop or pay for something.

One of the biggest advantages of a credit card is foreign travel. When you are in a foreign country it is easy to run out of money. If you are stuck in such a situation and there is no one back home who can wire you money a credit card is your savior. With a credit card you will always get extra credit even if your balance runs out. This is called an overdraft facility. This combined with the fact that all credit cards are accepted universally means that you will never run into trouble financially when you are abroad.


Another huge advantage of credit cards is hanging to that extra money to use in stores that do not accept cards. This extra cash will come handy in various situations. Credit cards should be utilized to pay all utility bills and the money that you receive should be used for emergency expenses when credit cards will not be helpful. Another thing with credit cards is that you do not have to pay the bill until the next month. This means that you will have enough time to prepare your budget for next month and you can ensure that you keep enough money in savings as well. This will keep your financial situation well planned and in control. There will never be a situation that you need to go to the grocery store and you run out of money. With a credit card in your pocket you will always have enough money.

09 Oct

All about Dating Chat

Modern Technology has paved the way for effective and constant communication to take place despite the parties involved being several miles away from each other. These technological advancements are manifested through methods of digital communication which have appeared and developed through the years, such as the telephone, cell phones, computers, and more recently, smart phones, which enable you to carry a device which is capable of doing things a computer can do. Given that technology enables communication to take place, it did not take long for Dating Chat applications to become popular on smartphones.

Dating Chat is an entirely new culture, which has several differences compared to traditional dating, which involves getting two people to meet in person. Also, a lot of relationships nowadays start out by both parties getting to know each other through these sites, which is far different from “getting-to-know” stories of the past, which involve simply being family friends, work mates, classmates, or simply someone you get to meet on a regular basis. maxresdefault

There are many platforms available on smart phones which are specifically created to facilitate dating, or to meet people who are out on the lookout for someone to date. Examples of these sites are DateInAsia, speedate.com, match.com, among others. Most of these have an interface which is very similar to facebook, and therefore, are easy to use.

One great disadvantage of Online Dating is that people could easily lie about anything about themselves, as information on sites like these could easily be altered, or that lies are pretty much easy to hide. If you want to be successful in it though, make it a point to show real information and just be yourself. You should also be mindful of others whom you get to chat with as well, and always check whether or not the information they are posting about themselves is actually true.tinder-two

There are several means in order for you to check on how true the things they claim to be in a subtle manner, such as asking the same questions, or inquiring further. The moment you detect inconsistencies or lies, then you might as well move on to the next person.

One advantage of Dating Chat, however, is that you can easily evade people whom we don’t like. If something does not feel right about your chat, then you could simply leave the conversation and never talk to them ever again. There would be little to no way for them to actually chase you or anyone else if you decide on doing this.

While some people view dating chat and the platforms to support it merely as an avenue for one night stands, the companies behind these insist that these sites help others find long-term matches as well. Ultimately, these sites are mere platforms for communication and it would take several months, if not years, for something nice to really blossom between two individuals, and it involves things far beyond the Dating Chat site in which they found each other.

08 Oct

Look Your Best With The Right Beauty Accessories

Women have always been particular about their appearance in public and in recent times, men too like to be well groomed and look perfect when outdoors. If you’re worried about not looking your best on vacation, there are a number of things that you can do to ensure you have all the travel accessories you need. Flo is one of the most popular online shopping websites where you can pick up some of the best travel and beauty accessories for you to enjoy a vacation that is fun and memorable. There are a number of compact travel accessory solutions that you can pick from the website to ensure you look great no matter where you’re headed. 7115b303dc872900bd6d04c720ae4050

Before you begin to pack for your vacation, make sure to keep a list ready with all the items you plan on carrying with you. Once you manage to find all these items in a compact size, put them into a travel kit so you have all the items you need in one small kit. This not only helps you to stay organized, it helps to cut down on the amount of luggage you need to take with you on a trip.gearonic-women-travel-insert-organizer-compartment-large-liner-tidy-bag-p16609943

One of the basic requirements of a vacation is carrying everything that you need and not everything that you want. You may carry everything along however your baggage will just become bulky and heavy causing a problem with the airlines as well. With a travel accessories and a beauty accessories kit you will know the exact difference between things that are a necessity and things that can be considered a luxury. With travel accessories there are a number of basic things that are required. One of the most basic and mandatory things needed are travel documents and hotel bookings. If you are travelling to a new place then you should also get some local information through a map or maybe certain travel blogs. You should also consider carrying things are per the weather. If the area is sunny then you may want to carry a sun screen along. If there is snow or rain expected then carrying an appropriate jacket will be useful.

When it comes to beauty accessories there are again certain necessities like basic toiletries. Then there is a face wash or lotion depending on the weather of your destination. Another basic requirement is light make up or maybe creams as per your skin tone.

07 Oct

Monitor What Your Kids Are Up To With MSpy

If you’ve been trying to spy on someone without letting them know, getting mspy is a great solution. While a number of people believe in hiring private detectives in order to get the job done, this is one of those solutions that can cost you a lot of money and is not as reliable as mspy. This app is a non traceable app that you can install into the phone of the person you wish to spy on and you can get all the information you need without letting them know. The best part about this app is no one except for you knows about it and you can constantly keep track on the person for as long as you want.


The mspy app comes in handy in various situations and when it comes to getting the information that you need, this app is very reliable. It helps you keep track of all the messages, calls and emails that are sent out and received on the mobile phone. It also helps you to track down the location of the person you are spying on. This makes it easy to judge whether or not a person is lying to you. All you need to do is install the app on the person’s mobile phone and it will do the rest. The person you are spying on will never know that you are spying on them and this makes it easy for you to see their true colors.


The mspy app is one of the most convenient ways to stay in touch with your family even when you are away from them. While the mspy app can be used to track employees and other peoples it is also a great tool to keep an eye on your children. Children usually tend to get influenced by peers and the internet a lot. There are things on the internet that they should not be seeing. However no matter what parents try there will always be a way that children find to watch these sites. With the mspy app parents can track exactly how much time their child spends on the internet. With enough data and recognizing trends parents can then set up restrictions for their children on their data plans.


Parents can also see what sites they are frequenting and have those sites blocked on their home network. While children may find other alternate methods of viewing these sites they may not take the trouble of going through all that. Parents can control exactly how much time their children are studying and how much time they are spending on the internet. Parents can also view their child’s call logs and message logs to see who they are chatting with and for how long. If parents see something suspicious action can be taken before it is too late. The mspy app is one of the best apps that holds true with the saying ‘Better safe than sorry’

07 Oct

Have Fun With Card Games

Kids these days can’t get enough of technology and they end up spending a lot of their time playing video games which are often very violent and abusive, or chatting with their friends using their Smartphone or on social media websites. While it is good for children to stay updated with the latest advancements in technology, it is very important for them to interact with other people too. One of the best ways to get your children to interact with the family is to bring out a deck of cards. If you’re wondering how cards can help bring out the best in your kids, Read This.

Cards are fun to play and in order to enjoy playing a game of cards; you need to have multiple players. While you can begin playing cards with your kids, they soon love the idea and begin to invite friends over to play cards. This helps them to understand the importance of physical interaction with a real person on a regular basis. Children who learn to interact at a young age become more confident and smart.  While video games don’t help to exercise the mind of your kid, card games do. It encourages them to think about their next move, plan and strategize and all this helps their minds develop in the right way. You can also encourage your child to spend more time with the family by playing cards on a regular basis. This is one of the few games that can involve a lot of people in one game.


Cards should always be considered a source of entertainment irrespective of who is playing it. If there are children involved it should definitely not involve any kind of gambling. While friendly betting is fine it should not get too serious or competitive. This will definitely create a wrong impression for the children. If adults are playing the game then it should again be played in the spirit of friendship and bonding.

There is no reason to involve heavy betting and gambling when it comes to playing cards. If it is kept as a source of entertainment then there is a host of things that you can do with it. It is definitely one of the best alternatives to the vicious circle that technology is forming around the society today. With cards you can play a number of games like piccolo, taki, memory games and other basic games such as crazy eights, sevens and go fish. There are various kinds of boards available in the market that will give you more ideas to play different kinds of games.


Cards are one of the most amazing things to have when there is a family gathering going on. It can kill time for hours and does not involve anything else but a pack of cards. It makes the environment fun and involves everyone around. It brings the family closer and becomes a great source of entertainment for children and adults alike.

07 Oct

The Top Web Design Companies You Can Hire In 2016

A business needs an active website to rise and shine in 2016. This is the 21st century and business doesn’t work like they did in 60s. Marketing and promotion has become more intuitive and customer oriented. To keep up with the ongoing changes in business trends every day, it is necessary to adopt an online marketplace habit for businesses of every size. Having a website is the first step towards online marketing integration, there are many more steps to follow in the way. However, if you want to have your personal or business website built by a reputed company, then we have got the list of top web design companies.

  • Blue Fountain Media

The core focus of Blue Fountain Media is to help a new or old brand grow online with its fullest potential. Setting up a website and keep it running doesn’t really take a lot of effort and patience, but doing market research and launching an effective market strategy does. Blue Fountain Media designs the path a company should take to launch their new brand into the market, and evaluates every possible way to make it happen.


  • Ruckus

Ruckus was founded in 2005 and they have around 50 employees working hard to design an effective online marketing strategy for potential clients. The working strategy of Ruckus isn’t only to launch a website, but also to be involved in market engagement, design of new platforms, marketing campaigns as required. Ruckus has a rich portfolio, they have developed websites for prominent media companies like CNN, CBS, Adweek, ABC and The Wall Street Journal. There’s a lot more!

  • Big Drop

Don’t be a droplet, make sure your ideas turn out to be a bigger drop among the crowd and attract more people. This isn’t the official motto, but that’s how the people at Big Drop has set up their mindset. Brands of all size and scale are allowed to seek a quotation from Big Drop for website design, development, marketing strategy buildup and engagement with the social networks. Big Drop was founded back in 2012 and they have around 250 employees.

  • Dotlogics

Dotlogics believes that their efficiency should be put into managing technology and not sales directly, and so they don’t have a full-fledged sales team. Depending on user’s requirements, Dotlogics would propose different terms and user can pick the one that suits their budget. Every problem has a workable solution and Dotlogics knows how to pinpoint the most powerful one.


  • Lead to Conversion

As opposed to the previous company, Lead to Conversion focuses more on the sales and marketing aspects of a website. Of course, they have their in-house website design and development capability but they will also offer full-fledged sales and promotion strategies to empower the online marketing of a brand.

  • Lounge Lizard


Lounge Lizard takes the focus of online marketing into building iOS and Android apps. In an app-based technology era, having an app for one specific brand would be a very smart move. Lounge Lizard knows just how to do the thing! Android smartphones, iPhones, Apple Watch and Android Wear smart watches are all capable of running apps of different weight, and Lounge Lizard can develop any of these types.


These companies are mostly USA based; New York to be more precise. If you are looking for a new website with specific online marketing strategies, contact any of them to get a quote.

06 Oct

Customized Santa Stockings

As Christmas is heading soon, you must be thinking of gifts to give to your near and dear ones. However, for kids, you do not need to think more as you can give them Personalised Santa stockings. It would prove to be a wonderful gift for them and you can also bring these year after year that will hold for Santa to fill.

Basically, Christmas stockings are sock – shaped bags or empty socks that may be used for decorative purposes on Christmas Eve generally with the aim that Santa Claus can fill them with gifts such as toys, candies, chocolates, coins or several other such gifts which are anticipated as gifts on Christmas from everyone’s favourite Santa! This concept of gifts and Christmas stockings come to us from several stories which have been prevalent since ages. In some stories, the gifts are wrapped up and filled in the stockings and in other stories the gifts are simply kept under the Christmas tree. Also, there are several legends related to the origin of this tradition of Christmas.


The world’s biggest Christmas stocking was manufactured by the volunteer emergency services organisation Pubblica Assistenza Carrara e Sezionni in Carrara, Italy on January 5, 2011. As reported, the event was organised with the aim of raising fund for a charity which helps the old and aged people. This also seems to be in coherence with the former legend as to why Christmas stockings came into existence so as to keep people happy by providing them what you can and doing your bit for them.

However, now days, with the advancement of technology and machines, you could also order and get your own personalised and desired Christmas stockings and make sure that when Santa Claus comes to your town, fills up your stockings with wonderful gifts of joy and happiness. There are various online as well as offline stores and brands available which offer the facility of customization of stockings. Some service providers also offer free home delivery of the order that you have made to be fulfilled by them. Also, due the enormous completion among the brands to be better, famous and successful than the others, they also offer enormous discounts on the prices and provide better qualities.


What you need to do to be benefitted by them is the right bargaining and explain them the requirements clearly. Few such websites which may provide the facilities of customization of the stockings are personalcreations.com, etsy.com, potterybarnkids.com etc. however, if you are creative enough and do not want to spend the money on the personalisation and instead use it in some other task, you could also search the internet for do it yourself (DIY) ideas and get the desired outcomes. Also, if you do it yourself, there are chances that your old stockings may also be used once again instead of being a part of the unused stuff which we never throw away. Also, in this way, you could perhaps save some extra pennies and get some more gifts!