30 Mar

Fats Good Fats Bad – Know about the good and bad diet

So far, fat known to great effect on various health disorders. In fact, our body actually needs fat is functioning as a source of energy for daily activities. The researchers from Harvard University, USA, suggested that not all fat is bad for our bodies, because there are also types of fats that are good for the body.

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Some types of fats that are good for the body, namely:

Monounsaturated fat, found in many peanut, canola oil, and olives. This oil is excellent for reducing levels of “bad” cholesterol in the blood (LDL).

Fats from nuts or legume products (almonds,? Cashews, hazelnuts, peanuts). Apart from being a source of protein, these foods are sources of fiber and phytochemicals that can prevent the occurrence of suspected cancer.

Advokad, as a fruit with good fat content for the body and contains vitamin E proved very high. Advokad fat works to maintain skin health and prevent heart attacks.

Marine fish, especially salmon and mackerel, which contain omega-3 is very high. Substance is consumed very good for those who have high cholesterol levels and is known to be useful to prevent heart disease, cancer, and reduce the symptoms of inflammation (like arthritis).

Kick-Controlling Cholesterol

Be careful with cholesterol. Once a warning that often we hear. Presumably, people are often mistaken for cholesterol. Cholesterol is only regarded as evil substances cause heart disease and stroke. Cholesterol is a type of material that looks almost the same as fat. If the majority of dietary fats are triglycerides, cholesterol is the remainder. Triglycerides alone is the bond between the glycerol with three fatty acids.

In the body, fat intake from food brought to the liver (liver) to convert into cholesterol. Similarly, the cholesterol from food. Because it is still a fat, cholesterol does not dissolve in the blood fluid. To be soluble and easily distributed throughout the body, cholesterol also make bonds with proteins to form lipoproteins.

Lipoprotein is then circulated throughout the body. Because it is still full of cholesterol, so it ties lipoprotein contains little protein, so that low-weight type (low density lipoprotein / LDL). On arrival at the cell body, cholesterol is used to build cell walls, so the reduced cholesterol content. This makes the protein is relatively dominant, so that the weight of its lipoproteins increased (high density lipoprotein / HDL).

On the way to the left heart throughout the body, the charge of LDL cholesterol in excess easily scattered along the blood vessels. As a result, there is narrowing of the arteries (atherosclerosis), which can increase the risk of stroke and heart attack. Therefore, LDL then known as ‘bad cholesterol’.

In contrast with HDL. Returning from depositing cholesterol to the body, much less cholesterol content. Therefore, on the way back to the liver, HDL ‘give a ride’ on the scattered cholesterol along blood vessels abandoned LDL. In the liver, cholesterol is scattered, recycled and disposed of most of the outside body. Because of this good service, then known as HDL ‘good cholesterol. “

There are various benefits of cholesterol. Among them improve endurance, produce hormones and vitamin D, as well as maintain healthy cell walls. Cholesterol also plays an important role in the growth of brain and nerve tissue. In addition, cholesterol also serves as the raw material the formation of bile salts. This bile salts contribute to improve fat removal, fat by binding to blood before the fat is absorbed by the intestinal wall. Thus, adequate fat intake can actually increase the body’s ability to remove excess cholesterol, so do not accumulate in the body.

The key: control

Sometimes, our bodies produce cholesterol exceeds the amount we need. This usually happens when we eat lots of fatty foods. When that happens, cholesterol will accumulate in the walls of the arteries and causes blockage of blood vessels that can lead to strokes and heart attacks. Especially if you narrow the blockage of blood flow is delivered to the brain. From the results of U.S. research-NCEP (National Cholesterol Education Project), men aged 20 to 30 of the years of excess blood cholesterol (hiperkolesterol) risk of death from 2 to 3.5 times more likely of a heart attack than men age healthy cholesterol levels. In addition, they also have a life expectancy of 4 to 9 times shorter.

Besides obesity, the main factors of atherosclerosis is the originator of the high levels of LDL. Still according to the NCEP, LDL levels exceed 160 mg / dl, increase the risk of narrowing of blood vessels 2.5-fold. To prevent the bad cholesterol, American Heart Association recommends limiting cholesterol intake from food is less than 300 mg per day. This is because, the body can synthesize cholesterol from saturated fat. Therefore, limit fat intake no more than 30 percent of the adequacy of calories, maximum 1/3-nya is saturated fat.

Previously, we recommended to replace some saturated fats with polyunsaturated fats. However, recent research shows, monounsaturated fats are even more better. Monounsaturated fat, rich in oleic fatty acids (omega-9) is proven to lower LDL cholesterol without affecting HDL levels. For example olive oil, peanut oil, and sesame oil.

While the polyunsaturated fats, high in linoleic fatty acids (omega-6). Indeed, polyunsaturated fats, will effectively reduce levels of ‘bad fats’ limited if used to replace saturated fats. However, if consumed in excessive amounts can actually increase levels of LDL. For example soybean oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, and fish oil.

In an effort to reduce levels of ‘bad fats’ in the body, it is recommended also to consider the adequacy of food that is hipolipidemik (can lower ‘bad fat’). Example hipolipidemik food is food that is rich in fiber, vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, vitamin B5, chromium, copper, and lycopene. To get the important substances of this, it is advisable to consume a lot of wine, star fruit, soybeans, garlic, green tea, fish, celery, ginger, and honey. In addition to notice the benefits of fruits and vegetables, you also need to consider ways of processing and presentation of food so important substances contained in it are not lost.

04 Mar

What Are The Various Advantages Of Cobblestones Being Used In Pavements?

No matter whether the pavement is laid in a street, in front of a school, mall, or wherever, what does matter is its appearance, strength, the way it is placed, and like qualities. Today cobblestones are being widely used for the very same purpose. It isn’t just because of the way it looks but also out of several reasons the demand for cobblestone pavements is increasing with the passing time. So, let’s see why it is so or what are the benefits because these cobblestones are getting this much praise from house owners, construction companies, real estate personas, city governments, and so on.

Benefits Of Cobblestones…

  • Aesthetic appearance: The tänavakivi does have natural beauty as it is river rock which is pebble-sized. The pebble-shaped stones do provide a stunning look to the pavements and it could reflect in the attractive appearance of the whole plot and hence the resale value will increase accordingly. 
  • Installation, so easy: Paving cobblestones are comparatively a simple task. There will be two ways for cobblestones to be placed as pavements. You could either set them in a mortar or may go to lay them dry in the base for pavement. 
  • Highly durable: With its natural strength as of being river rocks it could resist many adversities and hence are durable.
  • Bearing capacity: Cobblestone pavement could bear a pretty good amount of loads without causing any sort of damage to the pavements. It could even hold the weight of heavy vehicles too only if it has been laid perfectly. 
  • Easy to clean and replace: Cobblestone pavement is easy to clean and rain is enough to keep it clean or water wash ones in two months with a mild detergent to works. As these stones are being placed as small individual pieces, even if some of the stones are found defective, you could easily replace the defective pieces with new ones. 

The benefits of choosing tänavakivi for pavements are a lot and besides those which had been mentioned above many more are still there to say. Stain resistance, weather resistance, affordability, etc are some other qualities of cobblestones. So, these are the reasons behind the increasing demand for cobblestone. Silver travertine, mushroom graphite, light grey granite, etc are the various types of cobblestones available and hence anyone will get the chance to choose from them according to one’s likes and needs. Make your property looks stunning with cobblestones to welcome everyone wholeheartedly. 

02 Mar

Why choose Mini excavation rental facilities?

The Mini excavators work in the form of the tracked or the wheeled vehicle that finds multiple uses in the construction. That said, it turns out to be a useful alternative when you do not need to use the full Digger.

The purposes they fulfill 

Ekskavaatori rent systems work in the form of compact machines that are extremely versatile and also find use in a variety of tasks on construction sites. 

  • They can fulfill the digging to trenching to also demolition. The best part is that these small-sized items are perfect in terms of performance. The compact excavator is the most practical choice because they are favorable for working on smaller sites.
  • They can do an incredible range of things that can also come with unique advantages that can fit in the areas where the large machines do not work. For example, you can use them in tight spaces, interiors where the other transport systems do not turn out to be useful. 
  • The new excavators come with the large prices associated with them. That said, when you do not need them permanently, it’s worth buying these systems that are available at nominal rental rates. 
  • They aren’t bulky, and so they can find use in the different versions. The specialty is that these excavators can use less power and turn out to be cheaper for operating, and having a smaller carbon footprint.
  • The more lightweight machines ensure that they are not vulnerable to damage to the surface and the floor structure when compared to many other large vehicles. 
  • When compared to many other heavy equipment, these systems are quiet. 

Final words

Mounted with the slider arrangement that gets pulled in for the transit, such mini excavators allow fitting for the doorways and the extending to work, thus giving the machine enough stability. So, be ready to get one of the best fit systems that will serve a range of purposes at affordable rates.