26 Jul

3 week diet

What’s the 3 week diet?

The 3 week diet system is a diet plan, created by a fitness instructor and nutritionist Brian Flatt. The 3 week diet is actually a comprehensive guide that can help one lose up to 21 pounds within 21 days. It sounds too good to be true right? However, it’s achievable as many success stories speak otherwise. Are you one of those people who are unhappy about the way you look and want to make a change? What’s stopping you then?Grab the 3 week diet plan and see the results for yourself.1

Brian has put in 12 years of research and has compiled all of his work into a single easy-to-read and understand guide, which is the 3-week diet. The diet plan is completely safe and all the techniques mentioned are scientifically proven. This guide does not make false promises, unlike other diet regimes that may work for some and not for others. This guide is meant for all men and women.3weekdiet

Brian has divided the guide into four sections to better help the users to understand the science that goes behind it and all the necessary steps. The four sections are:

  1. Introductory manual – This section deals with the science behind the weight loss program. It explains the process of burning the fat that is stored inside our body and why do we need 3 weeks to see the results.
  2. Diet manual – this section talks about the different meal plans a user must follow over the course of three weeks to achieve the desirable results. It also teaches one to calculate his/her BMR (Basal metabolic rate) which is away to determine how calories one must burn per day. In this section, Brian puts a great emphasis on meal timing which creates a hormonal balance in your body, and it responds better to the diet plan.
  3. Exercise manual – In this section, Brian lists out specific exercises that target fat-burning. These exercises are short and need to be performed only 20-30 minutes, three days a week. Coupled with the diet plan, the user can greatly increase the chance of losing a lot of weight.
  4. Mindset, Willpower, and Motivation manual – This is a unique section that you won’t find in most diet books. This part of the guide busts some commonly known myths and encourages its readers to push on non-stop and be the best that they can be.

The diet system is split into four phases which a user must follow with diligence if he hopes to achieve the desired results.

Phase one: Liver Detoxification

This phase cleanses your body, detoxifying it. Brian in his guide mentions the vegetables and protein that can be included in your diet. The diet must be rich in Vitamins A, D and C. This will increase your body’s insulin sensitivity and adrenal function that will enhance fat burning in your body.

Phase two: 24 hours fast

After the first phase comes fasting. After you finish having your last meal in the seventh day, you must fast for one whole day up to the dinner of the eighth day. Fasting is analogous to the ‘factory reset’ of your phone. This creates the perfect conditions for your body to burn fat faster and promotes healthy functioning of your liver.

Please 3: Fat fast

After the first two phases comes the fat fast. It’s a clinically proven technique where your liver signals your body to burn up the fat stored in your body and not muscles. This is done in on the 9th, 10th, and 11th.

Phase 4: BMR

The last phase starts from 9th and continues till the 21th day. This phase involves two things :calculating your BMR and then following a diet according to your weight loss goals.  The guide teaches you have to calculate so that you can plan your diet accordingly

The 3 week diet is for those who are busy and can’t take out time to work out.  It has transformed the lives of many people and soon it’ll transform yours too.