12 Sep

Cheap Studio Monitor

By now, you have read about all the expensive kinds of studio monitor, just a glimpse of that price can leave your heart shattered and your eyes in tears. Surprisingly, you don’t actually have to buy the most expensive studio monitor out there. Why should you buy something that’s so expensive, when it’s not exactly what you need? Really think about your requirements, only your requirements and not the ‘but it looks better’ factor. You’d be shocked that one of the best cheap studio monitors would actually fit the bill. Sure, this is a form of investment, but you should spend money when you actually afford it in order to steer clear of any financial difficulties in the future. news_sos_award_f7_01-14

We are in no way forcing you to choose the studio monitor model below, we’re merely adding something else to the list of your choices. You never know, this might actually be the one for you all along.

Fostex PM 0.5D-W a77x_tec2013

This particular Fostex model makes use of the latest material and technology of cones in order to acquire amazing music production. Some of its features include a biamplified amp, a 5” LF driver, ¾” soft dome tweeter, compact bass reflex, high quality copper wire voice call and it responds to frequencies of 50 Hz – 20 kHz.

You can purchase this on Amazon.com for only $259.99 if you buy the refurbished version which is actually great. It also has70 watts of bi-amped power, weighs 14.3 lbs and is 7.1” x 10.2” x 11” in overall dimension. It’s ideal for those who own small studios which also require field monitoring. In terms of appearance, it has an attractive glossy front baffled alongside a tapered top which you can choose the color of; you have a choice of a black or white finish.

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