22 Jul

Pen Down These 5 Pokemon Go Tips When You Play Your Next Level

Pokémon is a TV series which used is telecasted in the televisions back in 1990’s. Kids of 1990’s can understand how much they love to watch this particular TV series. After a long time of the TV series ending, the producers of the series has come up with an mobile game which has set the market of the play stores of different platforms in fire. No doubt this is the first and best downloaded games in the history of the play stores, they named it as Pokémon go. Many of the people search for Pokemon go tips for playing the specific game so that they can move forward to the next levels. Pokémon go is a game where you need to catch the Pokémon’s with your Pokémon ball. And this is not a easy task for you to catch them, because you need to find the place where they are found. When they are found, you will get a vibration response from your mobile. You can see them on the map, and then you need to capture the sequence so that you can have them in your Pokémon balls. Finding them may be easy task but catching them will peal your stress levels. So you should follow some tips in catching them, here we go, we will provide you some of the best pokemon go tips for catching the Pokémon.niantic-nintendo

5 TIPS, Pokémon GO:

Tip1: One can observe a ring over the Pokémon when you see it. That color indicates the different moods of the Pokémon. It means how easily one can catch the Pokémon. The color red will indicate that the Pokémon you are about to catch will be a hard task for you than the green color indication does.

Tip2: The second tips for you here is that you the smaller the circle of the Pokémon, the more experience you will be getting of hitting the target. The colored will vary from large diameter to small diameter. You need your pokeball to place inside the ring of where your Pokémon is in. you will different other points where you need to struggle for getting them. But these points will help you to achieve newer heights in the game.niantic-nintendos

Tip3: The easier method of catching a Pokémon is that feeding them with razz berries. You can increase your trainee level by doing so, as you are making the Pokémon to do as you wish to.

Tip4: Pokémon’s will move aside to avoid the pokeballs, you need to be aware of it. And sometimes you must be prepare of fighting the Pokémon, because few of the Pokémon’s will react in anger way. So, you must observe the moves, so that you will not waste most of the pokeballs.

Tip5: Rumors spreading that you have a second chance of getting your Pokémon when you lost it on the ground but that is not proven. You cannot have your Pokémon, once you lost and you cannot reclaim it while it is on the ground. Many people who played are sure about this thing that, there is no second chance of getting your lost Pokémon.

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