15 May

Pixel Gun 3D – Relive The Nostalgia

For the last few years, mobile graphics have improved by leaps and bounds. If we compare how mobile games used to be, in terms of graphics, a decade ago as to what we have today, its proof enough. It’s not far from the truth to say that mobile gaming is approaching PC level gaming. But in spite of the available console quality graphics, everybody who has played 8 bit video games like Mario and Contra, sure knows what level of fun these simple games can provide.



It seems developers are aware too. Before long, titles like Pixel Gun 3D arrived. Talking about which, sure takes me back. The game incorporates the same pixelated graphics like those classics, so it’s easy on the device while being immensely fun as well. Except that it’s in 3D, unlike the 2D ones that we are used to.

Shooter type

It is basically a shooting game. It allows you to play single and multiplayer, so there’s that to look forward to. Also, apart from Android and iOS, it is also available on PC but is in beta stage currently. Since it’s a FPS game, there’s some map where you and other players are present and then go about killing each other. Now that games require in app purchases, even cheats are required sometimes. There are some pixel gun hacks available on the web that can give you unlimited money and alike. Let’s just leave it at that.


Visually Lacking? Not Really.

Some might argue that who needs such visually lacking games in this day and age. But I feel the ultimate purpose of games is to entertain the users. So it doesn’t really matter if the game is a bit lacking in graphics, although it was intended, as long as it’s enjoyable.

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