19 Nov

A Brief Review On Color Switch Game

This is the mobile era and people prefer spending their leisure time with their advanced gadgets. If playing games on mobile is your hobby and you always hunt for the next addictive thing, then giving a try to Color Switch Android App would prove to be worthwhile for you indeed. It is the new mobile game that you can play using your Android device. It may seem fun filled game to play, but the levels of the game are quite challenging even for avoid mobile gamers. It is the most popular causal game on the app store and players are not required to worry about educating themselves with a variety of rules, controls or follow a strict story line. Color Switch is merely the pick-up and play style game that is challenging, engaging and very addictive indeed.


The game features a colored ball that players are required to navigate across the many obstacles to pass the levels. The patterns and color of the ball play a crucial role in the game. So, you need to focus carefully and get ready to use your vigilant eyes for details. There are different types of play modes to choose from.

More About The Game

When you will open the game, you will be redirected to the main screen of the game along with upbeat background score. The gamers are asked to choose their preferred game modes. You will also come across a brief tutorial that you must read prior to start playing the game. It will show you how to use the controls and successfully pass each level in the game.


Benefits of Playing Color Switch

  • Color Switch is the new addictive and challenging game to play on mobile today.
  • It comes with a retro look and feel
  • The graphics of the game are very basic, but fun filled
  • The game controls are easy and simple and intuitive
  • This game is highly addictive with very minimal and easy game rules
  • It comes with 8 diverse game modes to choose from
  • It is the high rating game on the app store
  • It is the most causal game to be played by people of any age groups

Final Verdict

Color Switch Android App is considered to be the popular game on app store with high downloading rates. This game amalgamates fun with retro style feel and challenges. It is worth giving a try to this fun filled mobile game.