15 Aug

Affordable Social Media Agency Birmingham

Hello and thank you for taking the time to access the Social Media Helpers blog! We are a social media agency (like no other!) based in Birmingham, UK. However we are fortunate enough to have clients all over the world who have come to us requesting help with their businesses’ social media campaigns.

It all started in 2012 when SMH’s CEO, Joanne Hunt, began working for a digital marketing company as a social media manager. There was so much demand from company’s who needed help with their social media marketing that she decided to go it alone and become a freelance social media handler. One client quickly became two, two became four and four quickly became eight. That is when Joanne decided to get a team of social media experts together to handle the accounts of these clients. Social Media Helpers was born and we have been successfully transforming businesses all over the world with our expertise.

Why do businesses normally need help with Social Media?

We will post a separate blog on the importance of social media shortly, however you may wonder why a business would need help with such a “simple” task as social media in the first place! Let’s just say – social media is not simple for business….

Although updating your own Facebook status takes 2 minutes of your time and your friends and family are BOUND to give it a like – business pages are a tough cookie. In fact Facebook and Twitter users want to avoid salesy, boring, company updates on their feed which means running a business social media account is tough work. Connecting with an audience is a skill – a skill that we have perfected over the years at Social Media Helpers. That is why so many businesses trust us to take over and become the fuel that runs their social media marketing campaigns.

Most of the clients that come to us say they do not have time for social media because:

  • They want to put all of their precious time into other elements of the business.
  • They handle their social media intermittently and think this makes the company look “unreliable” online.
  • They are not sure how to involve their audience in an effective manner.

Let the social media experts from Social Media Helpers guide you

Give your business your full focus whilst knowing your social media is in the expert’s hands. There are a few factors that set us apart from other social media agencies:

  • PRICE – Our prices are affordable and are completely custom too. Just email us with your specific needs and we will give you a quote to meet your requirements.
  • WE ARE CREATIVE – No boring, salesy updates here my friend! We provide only the most unique content to get your followers talking.
  • SEO – We understand SEO and digital marketing in general! Hence why we have a sister company called SEO helpers! Social signals are of ultimate importance in the digital age. It is important to find a social media agency that understands the whole picture and not just a slither.
  • COMMUNICATION – Our team are just an email, phone call or Skype message away during working hours. Never be left in the dark with our keen communication skills.

Monthly plans begin at just £200 per month. Click here to view our social media marketing packages.

Do you want to learn how to become a social media master?

Not only do we provide social media management – we also offer Social Media training that begins at just £350. Give yourself the knowledge to handle your own social media! This will include a full audit of your businesses social media pages, a breakdown of your audience, a full strategy for the month, social media tactics and much more. Learn from the experts to understand what it takes to become a social media master.

– Social media updates for one month (we can lead by example!)

– After care and follow ups for one month.

Take care to keep your subscriber base intact and get regular updates because social media is a huge platform with booming websites like https://www.smm-world.com/buy-youtube-views to keep you company on various issues pertaining to agencies at work.