07 May

The Next Stage Of Marketing – Video Marketing

Ever since the rise of internet as a necessity in daily life of people all around the globe, there have been significant new trends across various dynamics of the internet. Along with social media and online shopping, online marketing has seen a substantial rise in the last decade. And it is still growing exponentially, with newer, more innovative methods arriving quicker than ever. Online marketing started with simple visual adverts on websites. Within no time, most of the websites were already displaying adverts. Then came video marketing. It was essentially when YouTube became popular. Video marketing involves video based adverts that are shown on websites at the beginning of any video that users wish to watch.

Recent Trends

Today, it’s not just YouTube, but many other websites offer video adverts. Recently Facebook integrated it into its services. The various free ad based smartphone applications display video ads too. It seems as if everyone is trying to integrate video ads. So just what is it about video marketing that all online marketers are attempting it? Read this to find out more about video marketing and how it affects our daily life.

Enormous Budgets

Lately, the total spending for online ads have far surpassed the spending for any other ad medium, let’s say TV. Brands have a huge budget set specifically for online marketing. Video marketing marks a significant portion of the spending. For instance let’s talk about the prime example of video marketing. YouTube allows users to watch videos created by creators. So how exactly do these creators earn profits? Well it’s quite simple actually. The brands pay YouTube for displaying their ads and YouTube in turn pays the creators for the ads displayed before their videos. These marketing videos are often created in such a way that users are attracted towards them and often end up watching the entire video.

It’s a common fact that users are more attracted to visual over text and videos over visuals. Hence the viewership of these ads can be quite high. Hence the brands achieve more publicity and in turn invest more in marketing. For instance, videos on Facebook were not as popular as they are today. In fact, the viewership of videos on Facebook has increased many folds in the last few years. Facebook integrating video marketing in its services is proof enough that video marketing indeed attracts more users.

Free ad based smartphone applications that display video ads often cater referral marketing. Where in, within the app, they display ads instead of asking the users to pay up right. These ads can be the same as found on other sources or can even be ads of other apps.



With the rise of virtual reality, soon video marketing will reach yet another level. Fully immersive video ads in 360 degrees virtual reality may be just around the corner. With this, more and more brands are sure to take the chance to reach higher levels of publicity.