22 Jul

Best Air Fryer Within Your Budget

We keep hearing about this new kitchen appliance which dishes out oil-less, fried miracles. The air fryer is kicking up a storm and some space in the kitchen. So what is it? Air fryers use hot air instead of oil to cook food. So essentially you only need few drops of oil to coat the surface of the meat, poultry, veggies and whatnot and after a few minutes, voila! Healthy food ready to be served. With a myriad of benefits, of course the air fryers will cost quite a few pocket fulls. Read on to know what to go for, based on your kitchen size and budget and go home with the best air fryer and a big smile.



  1. Wattage: Air fryers usually need about 800 and 1400 watts. Make sure your power outlet can support this. The required wattage is different in different countries.
  2. Capacity: Now this is a no brainer, but make sure you choose an air fryer based on your needs. If you are a party person or love large family dinners choose a fryer with larger capacity.

3.Size: This goes hand in hand with capacity, but a reminder for you to consider the kitchen space available and the space that is required to accommodate the fryer.

  1. Features: The most basic air fryers come with the usual features. But the market has more attractive features like non-stick surface, simultaneous cooking of two or more types of food and automated settings.


Now that we know what to look for, without any further ado let’s look into the top fryers.

1.From Philips the philips HD9220/26 AirFryer with Rapid Air Technology.

2.From go Wise- the8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer with Digital- Programmable Settings.

3.From T-fal the- ActiFry Low-Fat Healthy, Dishwasher Safe, multi-cooker, 2.2-Pound air fryer.

4.By Good Cooking the- Air Fryer with Digital Programmable Settings by Good Cooking.

5.And the Kalorik Convection Air Fryer.