10 Jun

Who Are Qualified For Motor Trade Insurance?

Industries everywhere require, or function more confidently, with insurances that will certainly back them up in case of unfortunate events. In the motor trade industry, they have motor trade insurance that covers both them and the customers. Full time and part time motor traders insurance are a must and below are the common jobs that should definitely consider insurance:

Body Shop Insurance

Portrait of an auto mechanic at work on a car in his garage

General insurance coverage for body shops are customizable to fit the exact requirements of the client; coverage includes the premises and all its contents, machinery and other equipment. Take note that courtesy cars are covered and those that employ people may avail insurance for employee liability. As an additional layer of protection for the business, sales and service and public liability insurances are applicable; these insurances cover accidents that may happen to people in the public.

Vehicle Sales Insurance

Ideal for motor traders specializing in the buying and selling of vehicles mainly for profit, regardless if they are on a full time or part time basis on top of other occupation, vehicle sales insurance is definitely a practical option. Insurance providers usually cover motor traders that work on certain premises or from home. Vehicle sales insurances are tailored for the specific requirements of varying businesses and clients; some request for stock of vehicles, good-in-transit and demonstration cover.

Vehicle Recovery Insurance

Traders running vehicle recovery businesses or are employed as sub-contractors for other people have to take several factors into account when applying for a vehicle recovery insurance. Recovery trucks as well as any other cars under your possession need to be recovered; apart from these, also include the vehicles that are towed and recovered. Besides that, insure the equipment and tools used during the business operation. Employees under the business should be covered by employee’s liability insurances.