10 Jul

Time To Save Your Pets

The bond that a human being and his pet share is inexplicable and the love you have for them is more than words can say. Whenever you came back to home for holidays, your pet beat even your mom to run towards you to caress you just so that you realise that this adorable creature safeguarding at the gate is enlivened by your presence. The loss of pet does feel the same when you lose a close human being if not more. Sometimes it is your sheer callousness that costs you the pet’s life and sometimes it is your pet’s carelessness. But now you can breathe a little because many GPS pet tracking devices are available that are easy to operate, are reasonable priced and more than anything else can save the lives of your pets.  The devices are a use of robust technology that can track your pet over long distances and come in different price ranges from hefty to moderate prices.


There are few important parameters that need to be into account before purchasing a GPS pet tracker. Firstly look for the battery life of a GPS locator. An inclination for a longer battery life is a basic prerequisite as for any other battery-supported system. The device should be suitable for the size of the pet and should not be bulky that it weighs down on your pet. The device should be tautened around the part clung to the device so that your pet does not lose the device. For this some devices come with clips to be fastened to your pet. Water resistance is another quality when choosing the GPS pet tracking systems. If you have a litter of dogs and cats living in house you may fetch good discounts as many retailers are offering special deals with reduced prices on multiple purchases of the tracking devices. Another important feature of the device is its compatibility with your mobile phones or laptops as many trackers function via the GPS pet tracker App installed in the electronic devices.

According to customers’ pet tracker reviews POD GPS and WIFI tracker has emerged as the best pet tracker device. It is small, light (around one ounce), waterproof and helps you track your pet through GPS, 2G network and WIFI and buzzes you when your pet treads outside the safe zone. The combination of WIFI features helps quick location of the pet even inside. You never run down on batteries even when your pet is without the tracker because it comes with two interchangeable batteries.


Whistle GPS pet tracker is rated as second best. It is a combination of pet locator and also helps you track the health of the pet. It works on GPS, Verizon network and also with phone and computers with the facility of SMS. It sends your message via the app or texts and helps you locate the position of pet on the map. Whistle zone is the area where your pets are supposed be and the moment they leave that vicinity, pet owners receive the alert.  The only complaint received so far is that the time between the dog leaving the whistle zone and alert retrieval is lagged. It has a battery life of 10 days.