03 Jan

Tips On Creating A Real Estate MarketingPlan

Real estate is a big hit. It has always been and we suppose that it will always be that way. However, this does not mean you can get away with getting involved in this kind of business without having to create some kind of marketing plan. With the number of real estate company in the country, you would be surprised of how fast a particular broker can steal a sale from you. With that, here are some tips we have for you for creating a marketing plan for your real estate business.  


Identify Your Objectives

In every business, it is important to be extra specific with what you want to do. So, before anything else, we want you to list down at least three things you want your business to achieve. Make sure to not be vague about it. Just like what we said, you need to be specific. 

List Down Your Marketing Goals

Now that we have gotten the first part out of the way, it is time to focus on the general aspects of the goal. 

You need to list down at least three things you want the marketing to achieve whether it is to increase sales or to increase engagement in your social media pages. 

Create A Buyer Persona

If there is one thing about businesses that we all know, it is that it is important to know who your customer is. With that, you need to visualize the kind of customer range you are after and then draft and outline. 

You need to delve into demographics and other data until you arrive at a more specific evaluation of your buyer. 

Create A Seller Persona

This is the part where you visualize the kind of person your potential customer would want to get real estate from.

This is important because this is the same skills and characteristics that you’d want your employees to embody as well so as to increase sales. 

A seller persona is most especially important to businesses who are also offering businesses for sale (e.g. business for sale pattaya) since you will be talking to businessmen most of the time.