17 Apr

Tips on How to Groom a Dog

So I have groomed my Yorkie, and my Schnauzers many times. Each time I do it I find a tip here and there about how to do it. First off, if you plan on grooming your dog, plan on it being around an hour or so for each. You can get them groomed at local pet shops most the time; Petco and Petsmart offer dog grooming and clipping at a minimum charge.

However, so you have decided that you want to groom your dog. Many people think that they would cut a dogs hair like they would a person’s hair. That is the wrong idea. First off, when cutting a person’s hair you normally would use scissors, but when cutting a dog’s hair for most of the time you will be using an electronic shaver. It is safer for you, and the dog.

So here is the list that I have come up with in how to properly groom your dog for the summer.

Electronic shaver:

This is an essential tool in proper dog cutting techniques. The shavers often come with several lengths that are adjustable, depending on how much of the dogs hair you want shaved off. Also, these allow for a safer environment for you, as well as your dog. Many dogs are easily skittish, or try to run off while getting groomed.

Don’t wash their hair:

OK, this is just my opinion on this one. Whenever I have done my dogs’ hair, I found it a ton easier to use a shaver on dry hair then damp hair. Also the dog doesn’t get as cold normally, which when they are wet sometimes mine shake, which makes it harder to groom.


When I groom my animals, I think a little music helps. It keeps my mind more focused, instead of worrying about cutting them on accident, which in turn eases the dogs mind too. Also, it keeps out other distractions, such as a dog barking from across the yard, or other things like that.


I end up giving around 15 treats a shave to my dogs. I should say parts of treats. I break up a couple, and keep them a little ways away, so for when she stays still for a good amount of time I will feed her one, showing her that behaving will get her treats. Don’t feed treats to them when they are acting bad, otherwise that will increase the chances of them not behaving for you.

Talk to them:

Nothing will calm down a shaking dog more than talking to them and communicating. Even though you two can’t understand each other, talking is relaxing to your pooch, and will calm any dog down.

Shave properly:

OK, if you are using a shaver, making sure to shave with the hair, or on the side, but not against it. I mean, if the hair starts from her back, then points down to her butt, start shaving from an area on her back, and follow where the hair goes. Don’t shave in the opposite direction, it can cause cuts, which make both you and your dog nervous. This is also the methodology used in exotic pet care and grooming. As a result, the shave is done properly and accordingly. Hence, the hair of the dog is neat and clean. 

Make it a happy experience:

The most important part of grooming your dog is that it is a bonding experience for the both of you. The more happy it is, and the less frustration will teach your dog that getting groomed is nothing to be scared of, and nothing to fear.