There are various shows on TV where you will see documentary programs on inventions, problems in society etc. These documentaries are very good learning tutorials. It lets us get into the root of the issue. Now, YouTube channels are getting popular for sharing videos. Here are some videos on such topics.


Stuart Ashen’s channel has about 100,000 subscribers now. He reviews the worst pieces of technology around including terrible iPhone clones, fake PSP-like “consoles”, and cheap toys that children don’t like. His fanbase has grown so much that they willingly spend money to send him crap techs to review. The channel is regularly updated.


Human beings are curious in nature. We often are curious about topics that we are not comfortable discussing about, such as periods, emotional weight changes, racial issues, etc. This channel talks about these issues.

Engage by Uplift

The objective of this channel is to fight sexual violence through education and advocacy. The channels hosts shows on topics like online harassment, and other related topics that are prevalent in the modern society.

Traditional Japanese Woodworking

This channel gives you a history of Japanese woodworking. You will find lots of videos on fun woodworking projects.


The channel focuses on technical details of technological innovations. These are inspirational videos which will encourage you to invent like the great inventors. Videos such as a truck driver producing an exact replica of the first nuclear bomb are really inspirational and amazing.

These channels are simply amazing if you have the curious mind to know about different stuffs. Subscribe to these channels and learn more about inventions and other things.