03 Oct

Whatsapp Plus: Connecting People Word Wide

WhatsAppwas officially founded in February 2009 by “Jan Koum” and “Brian Acton”.WhatsApp plus is a modified version of WhatsApp developed for android phones. It was developed by XDA member “Rafalete” in 2012 with its main feature being customizable themes.

In today’s time WhatsApp has become the most popular messenger app that helps one to send multimedia such as messages, photos, music and videos,but before installing WhatsApp one should know that there is a “WhatsApp” and a “WhatsApp Plus”, which are two different apps developed by two different people. So here are some of the differences between these two.


WhatsApp Plus has a blue icon. WhatsApp comes in its original green icon.
WhatsApp Plus is not an official app. WhatsApp is an official app.
WhatsApp plus is customizable in changing colour, size of header, widgets, conversation screens, pop up notification colour, theme.


WhatsApp does not provide the customizable features.
Themes in WhatsApp plus are more than 700 along with sorting with respect to names. WhatsApp has limited themes which cannot be altered.
WhatsApp Plus has unlimited emoticons which includes emoticons from Google hangouts. WhatsApp has limited emoticons.
WhatsApp Plus gives the option to send files up to

50 mb along with simultaneous sharing.

WhatsApp can share only up to 10-12 mb.
Another interesting fact about WhatsApp Plus is that the launcher icon colour can be changed as per once choice. Launcher icon cannot be customizable in WhatsApp.
One can disable the check marks of the messages received. One cannot disable the check marks of the messages received.
Video and images can be customizable along with the same quality and file size. Video and images cannot be altered with the same quality and file size.
One can change the colour of the chat screen, contact icon. One cannot change the colour of the chat screen, contact icon.
In WhatsApp plus friend’s online status comes on the right side of the screen. In WhatsApp plus friend’s online status have to be manually checked.


There are some similarities also associated with these two. One of this is one can hide once profile pictures and status. The messaging system works similarly in both the apps.


There are also some disadvantages of using WhatsApp Plus. Some of them are the latest version of WhatsApp provides voice calling facility which WhatsApp Plus does not provide giving it an edge over WhatsApp. Also WhatsApp Plus does not provide privacy and security protection making it more vulnerable to viruses. But after 12 months one has to pay WhatsApp $0.99 for renewal every year but you don’t have to pay anything if you are a WhatsApp Plus user.

For some people choosing between WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp can become a problem. Both of them have their own uniqueness making them unique and innovative in their own ways. Both the apps have their own pros and cons and keeping in mind these keys one can install the app which suits once needs most appropriately. Also one should study the WhatsApp Plus’s policies or any other policies of the apps which one installs so that in future one does not fall into any sort of crisis.